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Creating a space that's all yours is a beautiful way to honor yourself, and your ritual practice. We've left no stone unturned, including everything you need to organize your own sacred space. We've combined the elements of earth and fire to help ground your senses, and invite in the Divine to manifest your desires, while you settle into your truth and harness the love available.

Recommended for clearing out negative energy, moving into a new home or office, full or new moon rituals, traveling and more!


The Sacred Space Kit Includes

1 Copal Incense Sticks - 10 Pack  
100% pure Copal resin hand-rolled and sustainably sourced in Mexico. 

1 Copal Incense Cones - 5 Pack
Different styles, same captivating aroma. 

1 Bundle of Palo Santo Wood 
Each bundle have five 4" wooden sticks 

1 Palo Santo Cones - 4 Pack 
Burn these for 25 minutes to clear larger areas 

1 Bundle of White Sage 
Grown, harvested, and dried in California 

1 Invocation Ritual Feather 
Handmade design. Use for moving smoke. 

1 Abalone Shell
The perfect heat-safe holder for your tools. 

From the beginning of time, humankind has felt the need for inner reflection, prayer, and communion with Spirit. As our deepest universal needs took shape and form, various plants, minerals, and gemstones native to each culture and environment were incorporated into our ancestors' spiritual ritual practices to help invoke the Sacred.

The My Spiritual Ritual Sacred Space Kit is a lovingly curated collection of five traditional tools used in spiritual rituals from around the globe. Using the items in this kit you can create a personal 'Sacred Space' or refuge from the spin of your busy world where you can invite and experience the awakening of your best self through ritual.

Experience the fresh, powerful scents of Copal, Palo Santo, and Sage in various forms. In between rituals hold your tools in the heat-safe Abalone shell provided with the kit. During your ceremony, use the Spiritual Invocation Feather to fan your sacred smoke, or use it to adorn your altar or sacred place. Each feather is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with feathers carefully hand-selected and wrapped with love and gratitude by the artisans at My Spiritual Ritual.

Using these sacred tools is both an inner and outer process that stills the body and mind, cleanses the ritual space of inharmonious energy, and opens the heart to a personal relationship with Spirit. The natural properties of these substances enhance both personal and environmental spiritual healing. They improve air purification, strengthen intuitive guidance, and attract love while creating peace and harmony.

We hope our kit brings creates a divine sacred space to manifest your desires.


Additional information

Weight 23.8 oz
Dimensions 9.125 × 11.625 × 3.125 in

Suggestions For Use

1.)  Begin by opening windows in your room to create airflow. State (out loud) a clear, positive intent for your ritual to the listening Universe. Use words that seek to restore inner peace and harmony, create new opportunities and/or allow you to honor Truth, instead of words that aim to rid you of fear or anger, eliminate specific obstacles and/or dwell on your limitations.

2.)  Take some deep cleansing breaths. Then, from either a standing or sitting position, plant your feet firmly on the Earth beneath you. Feel your feet and your connection to the earth.

3.)  Imagine a golden cord that reaches from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth that connects you to the land, to the planet, to all life. Breathe in stability and peace.

4.)  With either a candle or wooden matches, light the tip of the incense (stick or cone) or light the sage bundle and place in the abalone shell or heat-safe dish away from flammable items or materials. Do not leave the room.

5.)  Allow the flame to continue to burn for 30 seconds, then gently blow it out. The incense, plant or resin you are using will emit a fragrant smoke once the flame is extinguished. Gently blow on the tip of the incense throughout the ritual to keep the embers glowing and generating more smoke.

6.)  Invoke (aloud or silently) the spirit of the Palo Santo, Copal or Sage to bless your sacred ritual. For PERSONAL CLEARING follow step 7, for SPACE CLEARING skip to step 8.

7.)  Slowly rotate the incense around the top of your head in a circular motion then around your body, from your head to your feet and back up to your head again, 1 – 3 times to “cleanse” your mental and physical body.

8.)  With open eyes, slowly walk the perimeter of the physical space (room, desk or room to room) you want to clear carrying the sage bundle, incense stick or cone in the abalone shell while gently fanning the smoke with your Invocation Ritual Feather. Gently guide the smoke into the corners near the ceiling, around and above the space you want to clear.

9.)  Place the incense or Sage in the abalone shell and let it burn in its entirety or extinguish it for use in your next ritual. Make sure when you leave the ritual space your incense is fully extinguished.

10.)  When you feel ready, end your spiritual ritual practice by acknowledging and appreciating yourself for taking this time to nourish your Spirit.

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