Palo Santo Incense Cones

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Enjoy the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo without having to re-light! Our Palo Santo Cones are unique, in that they stay lit for much longer than traditional Palo Santo.

We recommend one of our Palo Santo “Cones” for creating sacred space and releasing any unwanted energy from larger spaces, as they produce more heavenly-smelling smoke and burn for longer.

Each package contains 4 two inch cylinders of grounded Palo Santo wood, compacted and held together by 100%-natural plant resins. Palo Santo Cones burn just like incense, once the flame is extinguished.

Hand-made in Peru, this type of Palo Santo is a must-have item for any healer, energy worker, or ritual lover!

Also available in boxes of 12!


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Palo Santo, when translated from Spanish, literally means “Holy Wood” and is a mystical tree that can be found growing on the coast of South America. Throughout time, indigenous tribes and spiritual seekers/teachers  and ritual lovers have been using Palo Santo ceremonially and as a way to clear negative energies and create a Sacred Space. Because of its healing and energetic cleansing properties, Palo Santo is considered to be closely related to Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Sage and Cedar. The heavenly presence of Palo Santo, when burned, keeps energies grounded and clear. It’s uplifting scent can raise your vibration in preparation for meditation and allow for a deeper connection to the Source of creation. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to it’s magic.

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Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.25 × .625 in


  1. Light the end of your incense cone.
  2. When the end of the cone catches fire, blow out the flame.
  3. Place the cone on your incense burner or a non-flammable surface.

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  1. Kasey (verified owner)

    This is AMAZING!! I used these for the first time this month and they were beyond perfect!! Thank you for such a great find and for sharing it!

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