Love Anointing Oil & Love Invocation Rituals Guide

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Anoint Yourself!

Our Love Anointing Oil is a handcrafted blend designed to bring you into the present moment, rewire your cells and infuse your body to vibrate at the higher frequency of love.

The Love Invocation Rituals Guide is designed to be a simple, yet powerful way for you to call upon a higher power, see your life in a new light and have access to a guiding force and energy that positively supports you in every area of your life.

Together this set helps you to create a simple, daily practice that inspires greater self-love.


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The Love Anointing Oil is not a perfume, but an energetic medicinal infusion created with the intention of bringing a deeper awareness of self-love to all who use it. Our handcrafted formula was created, combined, infused and marinated through a specific process and is the collected work and dedication of our Earth and the team at My Spiritual Ritual. This 15mL glass bottle of Love Anointing Oil holds the vibratory frequency of pure Love and offers gentle, warming support to those seeking to reconnect themselves with Love. Anoint yourself three times daily with our special, organic mixture to support the creation of a new sensory memory response in the brain. Incorporating The Love Anointing Oil, along with the act of pausing just to show yourself love and breathe, into your daily ritual supports a more conscious and evolved way of living. Get yours today, and align with Love! You can see the whole process of birthing the Mother Elixir [here]. The Love Invocation Rituals Guide is and the essential resource to help you create spiritual rituals in your own life, so you can experience the transforming power for yourself. Invocations have been used throughout the ages in every culture, in all the world’s great spiritual traditions, to calm, center, and connect the heart to that which is sacred, to the truth of who we really are. This ancient practice—it’s simple beauty, it’s healing power—is all but lost in the rush of our fast paced modern culture. Together this set is designed to help you align with the power of self-love on a daily basis. Now how does life get any better than that!?

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in

Anointing Oil Ingredients

Organically grown and/or wild-crafted essential oils, flowers and gemstones in pure coconut oil base including: rhodonite, rose quartz and   danburite, pink and white bower vine, bougainvillea and roses,

Pink Pepper
For the radiance of light and warmth

To ignite passion

For warmth and comfort

A touch of added spice

An aphrodisiac for self-love

To infuse fresh new found compassion

Linden Blossom
As a gentle heart opening to Self

Mandarin Green
Perfect for Heart Chakra health

For more heart opening

Sweet Orange
To inspire joy

A sprinkle of calm

To embed with gold light, comfort, and softening

To enhance the qualities of richness, grounding, and comfort

To enhance the enjoyment in your ability to connect to Self and others

Mother Elixir Process

The Love Anointing Oil is created from The Mother Elixir.  It is an extensive and beautiful co-creation with Mother Nature and the Divine.

The Process Begins By Blending The Following

  1. Pure water
  2. Gemstones to open the heart to love unconditionally and increase the ability to forgive
  3. Fresh flowers picked from the mixologists garden
  4. Flower essences infused with oneness blessing to awaken humanity
  5. The Intent for all who smell this Divine scent create more self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, healing of past trauma, opening of the heart, freedom of suffering, freedom of self judgement, attunement to best version of Self, permission to honor healthy loving boundaries


Next The Elixir Is Energetically Infused

The purpose of the infusion is similar to  tea steeping in water: We simply gathered with intent to steep specific energies into the formula to make it stronger. This allows it to change form and increase it’s ability to hold the higher frequencies of light and love. 

The Mother Elixir was infused with:

  1. Reconnective Healing frequencies
  2. Deeksha Oneness Blessing of freedom and to open the elixir to the higher vibration of Divine love


Then, A Dose Of Angelic Power Is Added

We called on the angels to add what is helpful, beneficial, and anything else we didn’t think of that would be beneficial for all.


Lastly The Elixir Marinates Before It’s Born

We allow the blend to marinate for a ½ cycle of the moon – after the full moon and complete before the next new moon.

Suggested Uses


Give some thought to what makes a space sacred to you, to creating a beautiful, calm, private refuge from the spin of your busy world where you invite and experience the awakening of your best self. What would that take?

Choose a quiet spot. A corner of your bedroom? A nook by a window? A shelf in the closet? 

Decorate your sacred space with “treasures” from your life, with objects that hold particular meaning for you. Saturate your sacred space with love.

Add a pillow, a shawl, a blanket, a vase of flowers, photos of loved ones, whatever transforms the space into a sanctuary for your soul. 

Return to your sacred space whenever you want to journal, read, pray, think, practice your Because of Love Invocations, or just have a heart-to-heart with the Divine. Sacred activity in a space preserves and builds the sacredness of the space.



Each time you enter your sacred space, leave the world behind. Slow down. Take some deep cleansing breaths. Then, from either a standing or sitting position plant your feet firmly on the earth beneath you.

Imagine a golden cord that reaches from the base of your spine to the center of the earth and connects you to the land, to the planet, to all humankind. Take some deep breaths. Breathe in stability and peace.



Make your self comfortable. Take some deep breaths. 

Light the candle from your spiritual ritual kit. Feel the warmth of its glow in your heart. 

Lightly touch the tip of the Palo Santo stick in your kit to the candle flame. When it ignites, blow out the flame. The stick will begin to emit a fragrant smoke.

Slowly rotate the stick once around the top of your head in a circular motion, then around your body, from your head to your feet and back up to your head again 1 – 3 times to “cleanse” your mental and physical body. 

Put the stick in a small, fireproof dish and let it burn out.



Gently shake the bottle of Love Anointing Oil in your kit to blend the essence. Apply a few drops to each of your wrists in a circular motion, then gently rub your wrists together to release the aroma of the oil.

Raise your wrists to an inch beneath your nose and gently inhale the aroma of the oil through your nose. Let the scent permeate your body in blessing. 

Quietly repeat the words, “I am Love” as you slowly exhale your breath through your mouth. 

Repeat the inhalation and exhalation 3 times, saying “I am Love” each time you exhale your breath through your mouth.



Close your eyes. Bring your attention to the center of your heart and notice how you are feeling. 

There are no “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad” feelings. Being honestly aware of your emotional “climate,” of how you feel in the present moment, can lead you to deeper insights about who you are and who you want to be. Self-awareness is the first step in every stage of your transformation.



Close your eyes. When you feel ready, invoke the Sacred to enter your heart. Take a deep breath of the Love Anointing Oil on your wrists. 

When you feel ready, open your eyes and silently read a Because of Love Invocation from the invocation book in your kit. Concentrate on the meaning the words hold for you. ADD? Over time, the words will take on progressively deeper meaning to you.

Repeat the Invocation 3 or more times, silently or aloud. 

Notice how you feel after each repetition. 

Make notes in your journal about your experience.

When you feel ready, end your spiritual ritual practice by acknowledging and appreciating yourself for taking this time to nourish your Spirit.



Make time in the morning and the evening to fully inhabit your sacred space, and whenever you can throughout your day.

Apply the Love Anointing Oil and repeat the Invocation several times throughout your day. Repetition builds a bridge between your time in sacred space and your life in the world. 



  1. For external use only.  
  2. Avoid direct contact with eyes.  
  3. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.
  4. Use on your wrist points where all the major meridians come together.  Within 3-5 minutes it is absorbed into your entire bloodstream and allows this beneficial therapeutic grade blend to create a powerful impact on your health and well-being; like an energetic supplement boost of love.

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1 review for Love Anointing Oil & Love Invocation Rituals Guide

  1. Diego

    I have the blessing of knowing those at the heart of My Spiritual Ritual, so I know how much love and dedication goes into making their products. I know, for a fact, that the Love Oil comes with the frequency of Love, because I’ve seen how it is made. What the anointing oil brings to me every day is a reminder to be present; just to be present in my body. This is kind of special to me, because it took me so long to come to being in the body-I spent close to 30 years not in it, which was hell! I was in the illusion of thinking I was my thoughts only. This is like a little torture chamber, if you know what I mean! : )

    So, every morning my ritual begins with my shower. After my shower I put it on my body-heart and throat especially-and boom: present! It feels and smells so good, and keeps the awareness that I’m in my body, and that I am enough. It is easy to remain this way throughout the day, if I begin my morning this way.

    Enlightenment is already me, always, and no further effort is required to be here. Holding the awareness of my body anchors me in the present moment, which reminds me of this fact, and that, my friends, is all I have to do. Pretty easy, right? LOL

    I want to finish by adding that my wife is a part of the My Spiritual Ritual team, and she laughs because I use it more than she does. She’s probably right, but I love it.

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