Because of Love Cards


The Because Of Love Cards are a collection of 28 two-sided, 2 ½” x 2 ½” square, high quality cards in a handy satchel, so they stay together and can travel anywhere with you.

Each beautifully-printed card includes a unique invocation with an instruction on how to use the invocation, so that anyone receiving a card from you will know how to use it!

When turned over, each card features a different, full-color image that serves as a visual prayer to attune to the truth, wisdom and transformative power of Love.


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Throughout the ages, invocations have been used by many cultures, in spiritual traditions and ceremonies. Invocations call forth a Presence in us to calm, center and connect the heart to what is sacred. This Presence is a unique experience for each individual, and when invoked, has the power to transform and align us.

Giving unconditionally means that we act with only the intention of giving, assisting, or bringing joy to someone else. When we share what we have with another without expecting anything in return, we are giving unconditionally. When we cultivate self-love in our own rituals, the urge to share that love in us happens naturally.

“We feel deeply moved we take opportunities to practice selflessness. These cards were created with the intention of spreading awareness about unconditional giving. We all agree that it is deeply satisfying to help others just because we can. We are able think of another without expectations, because we have found a love in ourselves that is not a needy love. This love is abundant and when we stay connected through spiritual ritual, there is enough to give to all; and we do, Because of Love.”


Jane, at My Spiritual Ritual

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STEP 1:  Say the invocation on the card to align your heart with Divine Love.

STEP 2: Give a card to a family member, friend, co-worker, or your favorite barista.

STEP 3: Tune into your heart to feel the power giving unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

STEP 4: Pay attention to the many ways that unconditional giving can make others feel, and how you feel when you give unconditionally.

You may also notice your life start to change in a new and exciting way, opening doorways to beautiful opportunities!

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