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I created this introduction video for you that walks you through
how to use your Love Spiritual Ritual Kit to its fullest advantage.

And, below you’ll find a recording of each invocation to support your daily spiritual ritual practice.

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Invocation Day 1

Universal Intelligence,

Thank you for supporting me as I lovingly practice healthy discernment in all areas of my life today.

Invocation Day 2

Divine Intelligence,

Thank You for carrying me in Love as I live my life with full integrity.

Invocation Day 3


Thank you for inspiring me today to live life filled with wholehearted Love and purpose.

Invocation Day 4

Infinite Awareness,

Thank you for reconnecting me to a state of inner harmony, where I experience the Love and calm that lives in the center of my heart.

Invocation Day 5

Spirit of Truth,

Thank you for navigating me in the process of transformation as I fully step into living my life in deep connection to Love.

Invocation Day 6

Divine Creator,

Thank you for nudging me with Love to have the courage to ask questions that allow me to gain clarity when necessary today.

Invocation Day 7

Infinite Spirit,

Thank you for resourcing me today in Love to know what I DO and DO NOT have control over and how to let go of the latter with grace and ease.

Invocation Day 8

One Source,

Thank you for holding me in your Love while I make peace with my past, knowing that each experience has shaped me to be who I am today.

Invocation Day 9

Cosmic Consciousness,

Thank you for reminding me that I am here to be the embodiment of divine Love, to be a living bridge from the heavenly to the human.

Invocation Day 10

Dear Spirit,

Thank you for showing me new ways to Love and Accept myself the way that I say I want others to.

Invocation Day 11

Divine Wisdom,

Thank you for guiding me to trust my intuition today as I make choices from this Loving and wise part of myself.

Invocation Day 12


Thank you for Lovingly opening my heart to deeply experience greater patience towards myself, people and situations I encounter today.

Invocation Day 13

Infinite Intelligence,

Thank you for steering me to the perfect people, places and situations today that expand my heart center to Love more fully and in more ways than I ever imagined.

Invocation Day 14


Thank you for your loving support by fueling me with freedom to practice authentic communication in all my relations today.

Invocation Day 15

Universal Life Force,

Thank you for softening my heart with Love to feel more vulnerable to explore the many ranges of my feelings and emotions today.

Invocation Day 16

Divine Being,

Thank you for Lovingly empowering me in awareness to see that my outer world is a reflection of my inner world.

Invocation Day 17

Infinite Source,

Thank you for accompanying me in your Love as I take self-responsibility for my life exactly as it is and to remind me that I have the power to choose how I experience life’s happenings.

Invocation Day 18

Supreme Intelligence,

Thank you for making me one with the absolute peace that I am, to the greatest Loving extent that serves the highest good, starting now.

Invocation Day 19


Thank you for awakening me in Love to be aware of the impact of the words that I choose to use today.

Invocation Day 20

Supreme Consciousness,

Thank you strengthening me to set healthy boundaries today as an act of self Love.

Invocation Day 21

Great Spirit,

Thank you for assisting me in treating myself with more Love and kindness today.

Invocation Day 22

All Knowing,

Thank you for centering me in Love today to know that I AM ENOUGH just as I am.

Invocation Day 23

Absolute Being,

Thank you for flooding me in your stillness to hear the language of Love that resides in my heart.

Invocation Day 24

Higher Power,

Thank you for Lovingly reinforcing how brave my heart is to live my soul’s calling.

Invocation Day 25

Infinite Love,

Thank you for unleashing the creative genius that is so alive in me today!

Invocation Day 26

Absolute Bliss,

Thank you for connecting me to my inner guidance to find the answers I’m looking for.

Invocation Day 27

Divine Consciousness,

Thank you for revealing all the Love, amazing situations and people in my life to be grateful for today.

Invocation Day 28

Source Energy,

Thank you for grounding me to be fully anchored in Love today which allows me to be attuned to the gift of the present moment.