Awaken To Greater Self-Love With Our Curated Events

4-Week Immersion in Self-Love

Show yourself the love that you so freely and abundantly give to others; immerse yourself in LOVE. Deepen your connection to the internal and external worlds, and be the best version of you possible–and if you aren’t sure where you start, you are in the exact right place!

As requested, the Four-Week Immersion Series, which focuses on Self-Love, is again open for registration! This January, join Tara Teipel, founder of Lemongrass Aveda Salon & Spa and My Spiritual Ritual, as she guides you through the amazing, four-week journey, which inspires a greater self-love. Tara will also teach you about what ritual can do in your life and how to work Love into your busy lifestyle.

Tara will take through this process, and group feedback and participation will be encouraged and appreciated, as we are always working to improve to bring you the very best!

You deserve it, you know.

The group will meet once a week, for 4 consecutive weeks, on

Thursdays from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM at Lemongrass Aveda Salon & Spa Wellness Center in Encinitas, CA.


WEEK 1 |  The Love Spiritual Ritual Journey

You will learn the importance of having a ritual as a part of your daily life and how to cultivate your own simple, yet very effective, daily practice centered around self-love. You will receive your own Love Spiritual Ritual Kit ($87 value), which Tara will walk you through. Tara will provide an introduction explaining the 28-day journey she has created as a tool you can use to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself and learning to love yourself in a wholesome way.

WEEK 2 | Sacred Space

Experience the power of a sacred space within and around you, as Tara talks about the ancient practice of using sacred plants, resins and oils while teaching you to create a sacred space of your own. Sample the Sacred Scents Collection for yourself and experience the aromas of 100% pure Palo Santo, White Sage, and Copal. Choose the one you enjoy the most and you’ll get a take-home sample! You’ll leave this class with everything needed to cultivate sacred space and enhance your ritual!

WEEK 3 | Awakening The Observer Within

A discussion on humanity and taking a new perspective on reality: Love. There will be a guided meditation focused on turning your attention inwards and connecting with the aspect of YOU synonymous to Love. You’ll be shown how the choice to keep attention on this aspect of yourself is truly an act of self-love that can transform your entire world and empower you to live a more fulfilled and joyous life.

WEEK 4 | Sacred Ritual as a Lifestyle

An invitation to shift your everyday awareness towards consciously aligning with the sacred, through the enjoyable art of spiritual ritual. When you are consistent with your daily practice, connecting with your higher self/universal intelligence becomes a part of your lifestyle. This leads to a life of fulfillment, true happiness and a long-lasting love within. Tara will guide you on how to effectively incorporate your practice into your busy life, and how a foundation of self-love can easily grow into love for the community and for the world!