What is the difference between an affirmation, intention, and an invocation?



Just as the words we speak have the power to transform our experience, so does the power of our thoughts and beliefs. We are what we think we are, after all. And when it comes to upgrading our lives, we can’t skip the importance of looking inward.

Oftentimes, we become stuck or blocked based on old stories, limiting beliefs, and unconscious patterns, along with unsupportive internal dialogue. The good news is that we have the opportunity to change these things at any moment, once we have the awareness they exist in the first place. 

Which brings us to some common terms you’ve likely heard - affirmation, intention, and invocation. 

While they are similar in a sense, they are actually quite different in their underlying meaning and when used together, they can create a shift so powerful that not even the strongest full-moon energy can shake the inevitable manifestation of your soul's yearning.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty to better understand each term, and how you can use this trio to become — and attract — all that you desire in this lifetime.

Affirmation: a declaration; affirming something that you desire to have in your experience; this is often used as a present tense statement.

“I love and accept myself as I am.”

“Money flows freely to me. I love money and money loves me.”

“I am fully supported in all aspects of my life.”

Intention: setting out with a specific goal/outcome in mind; deciding how you will show up; internal communication with self.

Before falling asleep: I will wake up full of energy, ready to take on whatever life hands me.

Upon waking: Today is going to be an amazing day full of opportunities.

Getting on a call with a potential client: I am so excited to connect with this soulmate client. We are aligned, and I am able to provide massive value to serve him/her at the highest level.

Throughout the day: I am love, I let love in, all around me is love - I openly give and receive love easily.

Invocation: calling for support from your spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, God, Universe, etc.; asking for support from a higher power; often stated out loud (but not necessary).

“I invite you in, angels, guides, ancestors… thank you for loving me, supporting me, guiding me, and allowing me a safe place to fall and rise again…”

“Dear Universe (Spirit, Divine, etc.), I ask for your support as I am faced with a difficult decision. Thank you for providing me the tools to move through this with grace and love in my heart.”

“Oneness, thank you for lovingly opening my heart to deeply experience greater patience towards myself, people and situations I encounter today.”

You can think of these powerhouse tools as the 3 Musketeers of the Manifestation world. And when spoken aloud, the vibrational energy only becomes that much  more potent.  View our Invocation cards here

So let’s talk about that…

Why does speaking our desires aloud matter?

Hearing the vibration of your own voice allows your consciousness to absorb and emit the words from within, back out into existence. We’re kinda like boomerangs in that sense, magnetizing more of whatever energy we put into the world. That’s why it’s so imperative to cultivate awareness around our thoughts, beliefs, and spoken words.

Science actually shows that repetition (which we refer to as RITUAL) creates new neural pathways in the brain, which creates our habits, even down to the words we speak. Think of all the things you do on autopilot each day, from the time you wake up until you fall asleep each night. You’ve created an unconscious system based on a previously conscious thought (and action) over time. So it’s no wonder that we can literally speak things into our existence!

Check out our Invocation cards here

Adding Affirmations, Intentions, and Invocations into Your Daily Ritual.

If any of these are new to you, let this be an exciting place to step in and explore what’s possible with creating a daily practice — a sacred ritual of your own, especially at the beginning of the year. 

If it resonates with you, we want to invite you to commit to using these 3 practices daily for the next 7 days (or more). You get to decide what will work best for you (time of day, wording, etc.) to support your dreams and desires. Always know that there is never a wrong way to speak to Spirit or yourself as long as you’re leading with love in your heart.

You may find that you have places that still need healing. Please don’t judge this. Awareness is a beautiful gift and one that allows us to practice more compassion and love, for ourselves and those around us.

Our Love Spiritual Ritual Kit was designed to support you in creating your own personal daily ritual. There is so much power available in ritual, and when combined with these supportive tools like invocations to enhance the overall experience, magic happens. 

We’ve been asked why we decided to use invocations in our love kits, and it’s simple! We know that when we call in (invite) the Divine (Creator) into our lives to guide and support us each day, we allow ourselves to open up and create a trusting relationship with the Ultimate Power of LOVE. When we do this, we open ourselves up to possibility, and the doors to our highest self become more apparent. Our dreams become bigger. Our vision becomes more expansive. And we begin to really understand that we were never meant to do any of this on our own. 

We are all worthy of receiving all the love and guidance available, but in order to bring that forth into our experience, we need to ask for it! Our job is then to create room for it to show up (this is not always in the way we envision it to unfold, so release any expectations of how it’ll happen, and stay open — trust that it’s all happening for you).  

The Divine always has our best interest in mind and contrary to our ego-mind, it’s been our experience that it’s often right (okay, allllllways right!). 

Let go. And let love lead the way.

We’d love to hear how adding these into your daily ritual practice has enhanced your life in the comments below!

Need help with what to say? Check out our Invocation cards here. 




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