The Joy Of Creating The Mother Elixir For The Love Anointing Oil

"Ever since I can remember, I've loved the powerful way that aroma effects my mental, emotional and physical states. It has been my lifelong dream to share my knowledge and experience with others in some way to have a positive impact on their lives.

I was so excited while creating the Love Anointing Oil, because I could literally smell my dream becoming a reality!

I want to share the process of bringing the Love Anointing Oil to life with you, so that you know just how much love went into creating it."

From my heart to yours,

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The 'Love Mother Elixir' Birth Process

Creating the Love Anointing Oil starts with birthing the 'Mother Elixir,' which is the base on which the Divine alchemical anointing oil is built.



Gemstones that open the heart to unconditional love and increase forgiveness were specifically chosen for this mixture, purified, and then placed in a bowl with pure water.

Freshly Picked Flowers from our organic garden are then added.

Flower Essences Infused with Deeksha (the Oneness Blessing) are added to the mixture with the intent to awaken humanity.



Just as a tea steeps in water, we steep specific energies into the formula. We do this through a process of feeling and visualization, in order to strengthen the formula and enable it to transform into the higher vibratory frequency of light and love.

The Love Mother Elixir holds within it an intention of inspiring Love for those who use it. Among it's many healing properties, love holds the power to bring forgiveness and acceptance for self and others. It can heal past trauma, open the heart and free those suffering from self-judgement. It gives us permission to honor our physical bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. Love also sets the space within us to be able to create loving boundaries and attune to the best version of ourselves. All these ways of being are promised when your heart is open to love, and this is always up to the individual. While we have created many products with the intention of helping and assisting others who want to deepen their self-love, the ability to reap the benefits love provides is always up to the one who plants the seed, you.

Reconnective Healing Frequencies and Deeksha Oneness Blessing are generously added to this formula, in order to promote a greater sense of freedom and to prepare 'The Mother' to absorb and hold a frequency of Divine Love. We made this formula to be the most potent of all mixtures created, because of the importance of Love as a foundation in all of our rituals.



After 'The Mother Elixir' is sufficiently infused, our next step is to call upon the angels to infuse this alchemical blend with whatever energies we may have left out.

Throughout this entire process of discovering, mixing and infusing, we hold one main intention in our hearts and heads: Love. We use only the finest and most pure ingredients, and we work with gratitude in our hearts. We have the best and highest interest for all who will experience The Love Anointing Oil.



The formula is marinated outdoors for a half cycle of the moon, starting after a full moon and finishing before a new moon.



Our first batch of 'The Mother' was born at sunrise on the morning after the new moon, July 24, 2017. The healing energy of that particular new moon was devoted to bringing light to darkness, love to fear, trust to instability and forgiveness to resentment. We think that this couldn't have been more perfectly aligned!


shelley and tara making the love anointing oil mother elixir


Love Essence Layers Added To The Formula

Once 'The Mother' was born, she was ready to be dressed and out the door. With careful consideration and a delicate, loving touch, we added the following layers:



  • Hot Pink and White Vine (Pandorea Jasminoides)
  • Iridescent Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea Glabra)
  • Coral, Magenta and Red Roses (Rosa)



  • Rhodonite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Danburite


The Awareness to Awaken: Anointing With Intention

We thought it would be nice to provide some questions can help bring a better understanding of obstacles which can sometimes stand in the way of our ability to give and receive unconditional love. After anointing and following the normal instructions provided, continue to breathe deeply and consider the following:



  • What are your beliefs about love and worthiness? Do your beliefs align you with love and unify? Do they separate you from others in any way?
  • What do you need to surrender to allow a heart opening?
  • What are you hanging onto and how does it serve you now?
  • What do you think of vulnerability? Do you consider it a strength or a weakness? Why is this your belief?



  • Do you know the boundaries you have defined in your own life?
  • Do you feel comfortable asserting your boundaries to others?
  • What have you created your boundaries to protect you from? Are your boundaries also protecting you from love coming in?
  • What walls can you break down that block love and how can you recycle the walls to create impeccable boundaries around self to keep the heart open to self on the inside and to others when appropriate?



  • How can you open deeper to self on the inside to transform fear into love, criticism and judgement into acceptance and compassion, and doubt into trust?



  • How can you trust yourself deeper than ever before?
  • What daily practices can you have that support you in this?
  • How can you use this to trust others and stay open, when aligned with your heart’s truth?


Essential oils for the love anointing oil | my spiritual ritual


Love Essence Accord Guide



Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon bark, rosewood leaf, linden blossom, mandarin green heart note, bergamot, benzoin heart note, pink pepper, coriander, sweet orange, amyris and lavender built around the essence to support deepening of the love essence vibration.


Heart-opening, warming, comforting, right and fresh.



Pink Pepper Light: Warmth

Ginger: Passion

Cinnamon: Warmth and comfort

Cardamom: Spice

Coriander: Aphrodisiac for Self Love

Rosewood: Fresh new found compassion

Linden Blossom: Gentle heart opening to self on the inside

Mandarin Green: Heart Chakra health

Bergamot: Heart opening

Sweet Orange: Joy

Lavender: Calm

Chamomile: Gold light, comfort and softening

Cedarwood: Rich, grounding and comfort

Benzoin: Enjoyment of ability to connect to self and others


The My Spiritual Ritual Love Essence is the vibration of pure love.

It holds the ability to offer gentle, warming support in highest regards of your heart, body and soul.

The Love Essence connects you to the part of yourself that is and knows love. It gently rattles away what is not love.

Shelly, The Love Mother Alchemist



As you journey into your heart, allow for a deep opening to yourself on the inside. Find compassion for self, find compassion for others and allow forgiveness.


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