How to supercharge your ritual with invocations and oils

How to supercharge your ritual with invocations and oils

Creating a sacred ritual practice is powerful on it’s own, but imagine 10x-ing the potency of your practice simply by adding invocations and anointing oils - talk about MAGNETIZING YOUR DESIRES!

Why Invocations Are So Powerful?

Invocations: calling for support from your spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, God, Universe, etc., asking for support from a higher power, often stated out loud (but not necessary).

In a society that has taken pride in independence for so long, I’ve noticed a trend towards doing it all alone. But the truth is, we were never meant to do it alone — any of it!

Think of our ancestors before us. What did every tribe have in common? COMMUNITY.

They raised babies together, they cooked together, they watched over and protected one another. The same goes for the Blue Zones, which are the 7 places around the world with the most centenarians (those living over 100 years old).

There are 9 distinguishing factors that those living in the Blue Zones have in common. Two of those include: “belonging” (faith-based community) and “right tribe” (social circles that support healthy behavior).

I share this with you because to some degree, we’ve lost the community aspect of being human — and it’s an important one!

Invocations not only allow us to connect to a higher power, but they open us up to connect with our communities at a deeper level as well.

Having faith in something outside of ourselves, and sharing our beliefs and values with others creates connection and community, reminding us that, yes — we are stronger together.

If you have a hard time asking for help or stating what you need from others (as so many people do), practicing invocations by calling on the Divine (or whomever/whatever feels true for you, spiritually) is a powerful practice of vulnerability and opening yourself up to the practice of receiving.

Using invocations also allows you to practice the art of surrender, while trusting your inner-knowing to guide your journey, with the love and support of Spirit, etc.

How Oils Enhance Ritual

Oils have been used for centuries, dating all the way back to Biblical times. Different scents and blends are thought to bring us into a deeper place of relaxation and contemplative awareness.

Today, using these ancient practices has become commonplace for many people in the use of rituals, ceremonies, and healing circles. Combining oils with spiritual practices such as smudging, massage, bathing, meditation, can bring us into a deeper spiritual state, while calming the mind, opening the heart chakra, and enhancing our connection to a higher power.

Spiritual Triple Threat

So it’s no wonder that rituals become that much more potent when combined with intentional thoughts, words, and tools (in this case, oils). It’s why we created our Love Spiritual Ritual Kit, which includes 28-days of invocations, anointing oils, rose quartz, palo santo, selenite candle holder, and love cards.

We all hold the power to create our reality. Using tools readily available to us to enhance the experience is really such a gift.

Take some time this week and focus on adding invocations and oils to your own practice. There is something magical about leaning on your faith in something bigger, and allowing yourself to open to more love and abundance in all areas of your life. As you do so, it’s been my experience that you will begin to call more of that in, creating more conscious and aligned communities and tribes, happy to support one another in the process of the collective awakening and the evolution of our planet as a whole.


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