Copal: An Exceptional Space Clearing Tool

Copal: An Exceptional Space Clearing Tool 

What is Copal? 

Copal is a special and extremely sacred resin that is derived from the Protium Copal tree, a member of the Burseraceae tree family found in Mexico and Central America. When Copal resin is burned, it creates a divine smoke that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with a higher consciousness and spiritual realms and penetrate us with higher vibrations.

Why We Think Copal Is Special

Although it is referred to as a resin, Copal is actually less hardened and resinous than amber, but much more dense than sap; one could say that Copal resin is somewhere in the middle, and falls under its own individual category.

Evidence of how special Copal is can be found in the Bible, which notes that Jesus received Copal as one of the sacred gifts first given to him as a baby. World-renowned civilizations like the Native Americans and Ancient Egyptians used Copal as an important part of their traditions. Copal is less popular than others of its kind used for space clearing such as frankincense, sage, or Palo Santo, but has a particular power to its scent like no other. One whiff of it is what we think it will take for you to agree. 

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How Copal Came To Be In Our Shop

When Tara, founder and owner of My Spiritual Ritual, first experienced Copal on a spiritual journey deep into Mexico, she was deeply captivated. As she became aware of its popularity in Mexico, seeing it in every storefront, she felt inspired to be a part of spreading knowledge of this powerful sacred tool. She was motivated to bring it into North America and make it more readily available to anyone who appreciates ritual and uses it as she does, for inner transformation and to connect to Spirit.

Uses of Copal


Copal resin has the power to clarify, heal, repair and protect which is why one of its main uses is as a varnish for furniture. Copal is considered to be the “life-blood” of the tree it comes from because the tree actually uses it to heal any wounds and protect itself from infection.


Another use for Copal, and one that we particularly appreciate, is its use as a space clearing tool in spiritual ritual. When Copal resin is burned, it creates a very thick smoke that has a scent that is crisp, woodsy, clean and relaxing-- similar to that of Pine. The Copal smoke is used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies.

No matter who you are, when used with the proper intention, Copal will increase the vibration in any space. This could be your home, office, bedroom or workshop, it can even be outside your door drifting out to cleanse the neighborhood! Burning Copal has the power to transform and deflect unwanted energy, cleanse crystals and gems, bless a space as sacred, awaken truth and connect you to a higher aspect of yourself.

We (the team at My Spiritual Ritual) use Copal in our own rituals to connect us to an abundant Love that stays present throughout the day and centers us. We know that by using it repeatedly, along with an invocation or prayer, new neural pathways are strengthened, which promote a healthy and conscious, spiritually-connected way of living. Buy our copal here. 

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